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Icelandic Times – Issue 13

Birdsong has spread quickly across the land as the arrival of the migratory birds heralds the retreat of winter. And what a winter it has been—an outdoor sports enthusiast’s dream, with plenty of snow on the slopes. Mind you, it was pretty wild.

IT-13-icelandicTimes 13 icelandictimesWhen visitors come to Iceland, perhaps they have heard about the Blue Lagoon and the Golden Circle. With this issue, we want to also highlight some of the many other spectacular sights and features of interest around the country that normally only the Icelanders and the seasoned visitor would know about. You’ll need your to charge your camera battery and have plenty of memory cards!

For instance, you step off your plane at Keflavík into a rich historical and geological area even before reaching Reykjavik. It’s possible to spend your whole holiday here—but then there is still a lot more to the country. It’s time for Viking hospitality.

Are you a golfer? A fascinating course awaits you in Reykholt, amongst others, as the opportunity to play under the midnight sun is very beguiling. A horse rider? There are so many places, each with its own character to enjoy these beautiful, five-gaited animals. A fisherman? Welcome to Paradise!

Did you include seals on your ‘must see’ list? If so, see pages 52-55. Whales are to be seen in many places but we feature the north and the Whale Museum in Húsavík.

Are you a photographer? There is a major competition you could win. See pages 68-69.

If you love the outdoors, you’ll build up an appetite and every town and village has good restaurants of all types to satisfy while enjoying the company of the local residents.

In Mosfellsbær, just outside Reykjavik, Palli the Knifemaker works next to the old mill, Álafoss, a popular place for woollens.

Welcome to a vibrant Iceland in the Spring!

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Icelandic Times – Issue 13