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Fosshótel Reykholt – Islandshotel

Fosshotel Reykholt is a country hotel in the historical settings of Reykholt in Borgarfjörður.

Fosshotel Reykholt is a romantic country hotel in the legendary settings of Reykholt in Borgarfjörður. Reykholt is one of Iceland’s major historic sites, once the home of historian and poet Snorri Sturluson. The area is full of captivating scenery; lava fields, waterfalls, craters, caves and mountains.

Fosshotel Reykholt has a restaurant and a bar, as well as a conference venue and a wellness centre, where you can relax every muscle of your body in an outdoor hot tub.

The hotel is ideal for guests that like to relax in the countryside, enjoy reading, writing and are interested in extending their knowledge of the Icelandic cultural heritage.

Hálsasveitavegur 320 Reykholt




Open all year round.