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Guesthouse Tærgesen

Tærgesen guesthouse and restaurant is situated in the very heart of village Reyðarfjörður – in the vicinity of the harbour. We offer all-day service as regards good food and comfortable overnight stay in 18 single and double rooms. The lodgings date from 1870 and have remained faithful to their original style. We serve breakfast, speciality of the day at noon and in the evening as well as dishes a la carte, grill specialities and the famous pizza selection. The cozy Café Cozy – just beside the main building – has facilities for up to 100 guests as well as meeting- and conference space for 80 people or more. A motel has recently been opened as a part of the Tærgesen guesthouse. Tærgesen also provides facilities for private parties.  For more information, please call www.taergesen.is.

Búðargata 4 730 Reyðarfjörður

470-5555, 892-9136



Open all year round.