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Saga Museum

From the time of the earliest settlers, history is brought to life in a unique and exciting way. The Saga Museum intimately recreates key moments in Icelandic history, moments that have determined the fate of our people and which give a compelling view into how Icelanders have lived for more than a millenium.

Throughout the period of settlement, everyday life in Iceland must have been very difficult due to hard circumstances. Eruptions, earthquakes, avalanches and other natural catastrophes is some of the things the Icelanders had to endure. They were also subject to the notorios Black Death that led to he destruction of more than a third of the population. However, none of this deterred those who lived here and they leave behind them a remarkable culture and a literature that equals that of any other county in Europe.

Grandagarður 2 101 Reykjavík

511-1517, 694-3096



Open all year round.