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Þakgil camp site

Þakgil camp site

 Þakgil is a little known highland hiker’s paradise, very close to the south coast of Iceland. Þakgil (Roof Canyon) is a tiny sheltered canyon with a grassy plain floor which serves as the campsite. Access to toilets and hot showers is included. Small pine huts are also available, each with their own toilet, gas stove and refrigerator.Takgil icelandic times IMG_0883A large natural cave serves as a dining hall, complete with a cooking grill and a fireplace. This unique setting also offers several day hike options to the nearby Mýrdalsjökull Glacier, which sits on top of the infamous Katla volcano.



Höfðabrekkuafréttir 871 Vík

+354 893 4889



Open during the summer until September 15th