Art souvenir – Bertel Thorvaldsen
BY Margrethe Floryan

Bertel Thorvaldsen (1770-1844) is one of Denmark’s best-known artists. The son of a carver from Iceland, Thorvaldsen was born in Copenhagen and entered the Royal Academy of Art at the age of 11 with unusually bright talent. At age 26 he left his native city to continue his studies in Rome, then the world’s art capital. Thorvaldsen stayed in Rome for nearly 40 years, becoming one of the most important European representatives of neoclassical sculptural art.

Motifs for his statues and reliefs are drawn mostly from Greek mythology, but also from the Bible and classical literature. Thorvaldsen was also an outstanding portraitist.

The book is produced in co-operation with the Thorvaldsen Museum. The text is written by Dr. Margrethe Floryan.

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