Aviator Charles Lindbergh visits Iceland

On August 15th, 1933, Charles Lindbergh and his wife Ann Morrow landed his seaplane at Videyjarsund next to the Reykjavik harbor. The year before, they had experienced a great tragedy when their son got kidnapped to be later found dead. A large crowd had gathered at the port of Reykjavík to see them land. They stayed for the first two nights on Videy Island. The couple arrived here from Greenland, where Lindbergh explored routes for the US airline Pan American Airways with a trip between the United States and Northern Europe in mind. The route he was exploring was the so-called Northern route through Greenland, Iceland, and the Faroe Islands, so this study could, therefore, be of great importance to Iceland. They stayed for five nights at the downtown hotel, Hotel Borg, the remainder of the time. On August 22nd, they departed in their aircraft after exploring Reykjavik. Lindbergh’s visit sparked great interest in aviation in Iceland.

August 22nd 1933, Lindbergh’s seaplane sails out of Reykjavík Harbor. (Photographer: Karl Christian Nielsen)

August 16-22nd 1933, three men walking down Tryggvagata in Reykjavík. Man in the middle is aviator Charles Lindbergh from The United States. (Photographer: Karl Christian Nielsen)

Sources: Faxaflóahafnir SF & Reykjavík Museum of Photography