Brighter times ahead

There are four things that stand out, after the European Council summit, says Prime Minister Katrín Jakobsdóttir. “First of all, full support is pledged for Ukraine,” but the meeting was attended by 42 national leaders of the 45 European countries, that is, almost all of them. “Secondly, that an international court be established to record the damage caused by Russia to the Ukrainian people, for later claims for war reparations”. Then a strategic declaration on democratic values was adopted, because democracy is a prerequisite for ensuring peace, prosperity and freedom in the continent. A very clear declaration for working towards protecting the environment was also put forward and in the end, a resolution was made that all countries of the continent respect the results of the judgments of the Human Rights Court.

Icelandic Times / Land og Saga was not only in Harpa, but also had it’s eyes on the rest of the capital. After all, the meeting went beyond expectations, there were no hiccups, despite this great number of representatives and presidents who visited the country.

The final assembly in Harpa

The Hostesses, Prime minister Katrín Jakobsdóttir and Minister of state Þórdís Kolbrún Reykfjörð Gylfadóttir

The Finnish delegacy arriving bright and early before 8am in the morning at Harpa

Of course you stop to take a selfie before going into such a historical meeting

Geirsgata, the street closest to Harpa, closed like most of downtown Reykjavík

Sóleyjargata in the heart of Reykjavík, everything closed

Everyrhing closed, Lækjargata, Harpa at the end of the street to the left

Photographs & text: Páll Stefánsson
Reykjavík 17/05/2023 : A7R IV, A7C : FE 1.2/50mm GM, FE 2.5/40mm G