Black Beach Restaurant

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The magical coastline of Reynisfjara is by many considered one of the highlights of a visit to the south of Iceland, so beautiful that it’s been utilised for countless commercial and cinema opportunities. A new addition to the area is the tastefully designed Black Beach restaurant which offers local foods and services coupled with unforgettable views of the splendid shoreline and the power of the ocean.

black beach iceland icelandic timesThe restaurant was founded by five local farmers who own the land surrounding the beach. With the steady increase of visitors, a lack of facilities became more and more apparent. Guðni Einarsson, one of the owners, says that they all agreed that they did not want to tarnish the pure landscapes and decided on a design that would blend in with the landscape and even utilise it for construction materials. The walls and floors are thus covered with gravel from the beach, which gives the restaurant added character.

black beach vik iceland icelandictimes landogsagaThe owners also contribute to the kitchen in different ways; one produces turnips, one mutton and the other dairy and beef, some of which are utilised in Black Beach’s menu.
The turnip soup is a favorite and always popular among hungry travellers on the go, while other lighter dishes and beverages are also available during the day, including of course the authentic Icelandic mutton soup.

black  beach icelandic timesblach beach icelandictimesAfter six o’clock during the summertime the restaurant takes on a new character as the dinner menus are brought out and the atmosphere becomes more relaxed and refined. An elegant meal overlooking the evening tide is an experience not soon forgotten and the perfect way to wind down after a day of travelling in the South.


Black Beach Restaurant

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