The city library is a 100 years old

There will have been one hundred years this April since the City Library of Reykjavík, one of the capital’s oldest cultural institutions, was established. This hundred-year-old museum is always incredibly alive, not only now, on the occasion of a festive program in all seven branches of the museum. But always because how well the citizens appreciate this cultural institution, which is of course part of education and one of the foundations of modern society, where knowledge and culture coexist. Last year, the museum was visited by well over half a million visitors, and the check-outs were between six and seven hundred thousand, which is five times the population of Reykjavík. Icelandic Times / Land & Saga took a look at the main museum in Grófin, in the city center, and of course wishes the staff, yes and all of us, a happy birthday. This is our library.

The city library almost a hundred years ago in Ingólfsstræti (photo: Magnús Ólafsson)

The Main Library at Tryggvagata

The view from the fifth floor

The DVD section

The children’s section

In the teen’s section someone was returning this book in Arabic

Happy 100th birthday!

Photographs & text: Páll Stefánsson
Reykjavík 14/04/2023 : A7C, RX1R II : FE 1.8/20mm G, 2.0/35mm Z