Gamla Kaupfélagið: Restaurant and Bar in Akranes

Gamla Kaupfélagið in Akranes (The Old Cooperative) is a really nice restaurant and bar in the small town of Akranes. Less than an hour’s drive from Reykjavík, along Highway 1, you will find this historic old town by the beautiful west coast of Iceland. Please drop by for fantastic food and service at modest prices in a really nice setting.

IMG_1386Perfect Location
Akranes is a very popular tourist destination, and all the travellers with their tents and campers make this a really merry place during the summer. Gamla Kaupfélagið is located in the heart of the old town of Akranes, which puts it within walking distance of all the major lodging and camping places. The restaurant is also a bar and a café, and there is outdoor seating for those beautiful summer days. The weekends are made special with extended opening hours and live music.

IMG_1379Multicultural Menu
The menu has everything from a simple kids’ menu and traditional European food, to Mexican and Indian food. You can have your regular sandwiches, pastas and pizzas, hamburgers and steaks. But there is also a surprising variety of dishes available, including soups, dedicated gourmet dishes for vegetarians, and various Mexican and Indian dishes. This impressive menu is complemented with a good selection of beverages and desserts, and a healthy dose of hospitality.