Guðmundur = Erró

One of our greatest artists is Guðmundur Guðmundsson, born in 1932, known as the artist Erró. He is one of the few Icelandic visual artists who has gained international fame. 33 years ago, there was great news in Icelandic cultural life when Erró left the City of Reykjavík with 2000 works of art. In 2000, 22 years ago, the artist’s gift was found in the Reykjavík Art Museum, Hafnarhús. The Erro Museum has grown steadily and now includes around 4000 works, paintings, watercolours, graphics, sculptures, collages and other works of art that span the artist’s career for a full 70 years. The current Erró exhibition in Reykjavik Art Museum (Hafnarhús), The Power of Images, is the largest and most comprehensive study of his career. The artist has lived and worked in Paris for more than half a century. The curators of this remarkable exhibition are Danielle Kvaran and Gunnar B Kvaran. More than 300 works by Guðmundur Guðmundsson, better known as Erró, are displayed.

Reykjavik Art Museum Hafnarhús

Some of Erró’s works are huge

Over 300 artworks are displayed


This painting is 63 years old and is called the Propaganda Office. 


A new portrait of Erró by photographer Saga Sig.

Reykjavík 20/04/2022 10:12- 11:08 : A7C – FE 1.8/14mm GM

Photographs and text: Páll Stefánsson