Goddess & Bloke

Pomona was an ancient goddess in Roman mythology. In Einarsgarður, west of Landspítalinn, it stands erect in the sculpture of Jóhannes Clausen Bjerg (1886-1955), the famous Danish sculptor. One of my favourite statues in Reykjavík. Another statue that is fun to see and meet is the work of Magnús Tómasson (1943). A monument to the unknown public servant stands east of the Town Hall, west of Iðnó. A statue that hits the mark with its weight.

Pomona by Johannes Clausen Bjerg dates from 1920

Monument to the Unknown Public Servant by Magnús Tómasson, made in 1993

Reykjavík 09/01/2022  13:56 & 16:09 –  RX1R II : 2.0/35mm Z

Photographs and text: Páll Stefánsson