Happy children‘s day on Viðey island!
21.06.2015 12:15 — 16:00

We celebrate children‘s day on Viðey island on Sunday June 21st. We especially welcome the youngest mem­bers of the family and the program of the day is desig­ned to meet their needs.

BarnadagurIIViðey is full of life in late June and the nature is in its bloom. We will do children’s yoga, play games, play on the shore and send messa­ges in a bottle and there will be a children‘s mess at the old church on Viðey, finally a there will be a theatre cal­led „A love story in the mountains“

The restaurant at Viðeyjarstofa is open with delicious food for the whole family and out­doors there will be a barbeque. This is a per­fect day for the whole family to enjoy an out­door adventure.

Adults pay 1.100 kr. for a round trip with the ferry, children 7–15 years old pay 550 kr. but the youngest sail for free. Owners of Reykjavik Welcome Card also get a free boat ride. Everybody welcome!

 Videy kvoldstemning-135

12:15–16:00    Barbequed hot dogs and free ice-cream at Viðeyjarstofa while supplies last.

12:15–14:45   Curious and odd look­ing creatures visit the island and the children.

12:30 –14:30   Out-door games with the children.

12:30 –14:30    Face paint

13:30–14:00   An out­door yoga theatre. The story is about a clumsy elf that gets into trou­ble but a little elf comes to his rescue. The kids can participate in the play by doing yoga or they can just sit and enjoy the show.

12:30–15:00    Let‘s play on the beach! Bring along buckets and sho­vels and anything you can think of that might be fun to use to explore the beach. Bottles for messa­ges will be availa­ble while supplies last.

14:30–15:00    A happy and fun children mess with sing­ing and storytell­ing at Iceland’s second oldest church. If the weather is good we‘ll do it outside.

15:00–15.30    A theatre: „A love story in the mountains“