Autumn in Hafnarfjörður

Some people think fall is the best time of the year; when the autumn darkness, the autumn colors and the northern lights appear. Icelandic Times / Land & Saga ventured south to Hafnarfjörður and surrounding areas, to photograph and experience autumn at its best, witch is on a day like today. After all, Hafnarfjörður is the southernmost part of the capital area, the third largest municipality in Iceland, an exceptionally beautiful town, with deep-rooted culture and a beautiful environment surrounded by lava.

 In front of Byggðasafn Hafnarfjarðar is the small motorboat Helgi Nikk, the last boat built by boatbuilder Eyjólfur Einarsson from Hafnarfjörður (1927-2019) for fishing after he retired. The small boat is named after Eyjólfur’s father, Einar Helgi Nikulásson


Hafnarfjörður harbour is one of Icelands most interesting harbours to visit

Feeling happy all alone out in the field just west of Hrafnista in Hafnarfjörður, even though he is technically in Garðabær not Hafnarfjörður

Beautiful autumn colours by Hvaleyrarvatn, one of the best places for outdoor activities in the Capital Area

The area south of Hafnarfjörður, from Ásfjall towards Helgafell is a wonderful area to spend some quality time outdoors. Lava fields, overgrowth and beautiful colours as you can see here.

Hafnarfjörður : 03/10/2022 : RX1R II, A7R III – 2.0/35mm Z, FE 1.4/85mm GM

Photographs & text : Páll Stefánsson