The Heart of Reykjavík

In the eyes of Icelanders, Austurvöllur Square is the heart of the city centre, the centre of the capital. The square used to be the best hayfield of the farm Austurvöllur, which stood where Hafnarstræti is now. Austurvöllur is the oldest square in Reykjavík and has, from the beginning, been one of the most popular meeting points for city residents, both for joy and for protests. At the southern end of Austurvöllur are two of the most important buildings in the country, The Parliament House and the Cathedral. In the middle of the park is a statue of the Icelandic freedom fighter, Jón Sigurðsson, made by the sculptor Einar Jónsson and erected in 1930. At the square’s northern end are restaurants and bars, where tourists and residents mingle over burgers or beer.

A sunny day at Austurvöllur

Reykjavík 21/07/2021  14:04 35mm

Photograph and text : Páll Stefánsson