An exhibition talk on Between the lines.  
How stay-at-home women earned a living 1900-1970
Sunday, May 31 at 13:00

????????????????????????Þórunn Elísabet Sveindóttir, exhibition designer of Between the lines will talk to guests about the ideas of the design and the work behind the exhibition.

Women‘s contribution to society has long been underestimated and belittled. Over the centuries women have taken primary responsibility for the home and children; they have provided clothing and food, cared for the sick and elderly. The services and goods provided by women in the home have been unpaid, and hence they have not featured in economic statistics. But many women needed, or wanted, to earn. One way of doing so was to make their domestic utensils and appliances into tools of production, and produce saleable commodities in the home. This exhibition examines the world of women, and how they managed to earn an income as a “sideline“ to their work as housewives and mothers, in order to support themselves and their families.
The exhibition is located at the Kornhús (Corn house). Spoken language on this talk will be Icelandic and starts at 13.00.

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