How many cats are there in Iceland?

The Icelandic cat came with settlers in the 9th and 10th centuries, and the population has remained relatively isolated throughout the centuries. By applying a genetic analysis of the cats’ genetic material, it has been shown that Icelandic cats are closely related to the Faroese, Shetland and Scanian cats. Icelandic country cats are genetically cleaner than cats in the city, which has mixed with imported cats in recent years. There is no cat registry in Iceland, but a pure guess by the University of Iceland is that about 20.000 cats live here.
There are no cat numbers here in the republic, but the pure guess at Vísindavef Háskóli Íslands is that there are about 20,000 cats here.

The cat Loðvík XIV enjoyed the outdoors in the city centre yesterday. There’s a cat in every other house on his street. Both friends and enemies.

Reykjavík 25/10/2021 15:36 – A7R IV: FE 1.4 / 85 GM

Photo and text: Páll Stefánsson