The new neighbourhood by Heiðmörk 

The outdoor area at Heiðmörk, forms a collar around the capital area from Rauðhólar in Reykjavík over to Hafnarfjörður. Heiðmörk is geologically unique, because it is rare to find lava fields, fissures, subsidence and faults due to land drift in one and the same area. A unique area, and one of the most beautiful places in Garðabær. A new residential area, Urriðaholt, which is unique in Iceland, is being built right on the outskirts of Garðabær in Heiðmörk. There, an entire neighborhood is planned in harmony with nature with sustainability in mind. The buildings are as eco-friendly as possible, but it’s been over ten years since construction began and the neighbourhood is almost fully formed. Not only is it  in the immediate vicinity of nature and a golf course, but the IKEA and Costco department stores are at the entrance to the neighborhood. Icelandic Times / Land & Saga, took a look in Heiðmörk and Urriðaholt.

Beautiful Heiðmörk in the wintertime


Looking over from Heiðmörk towards Urriðaholt’s new buildings and buildingcranes

Vífilstaðavatn, a beautiful lake close to Urriðaholt

Urriðaholt to the right, looking over Urriðavatn, but a footpath goes around the valley and you can spot IKEA in the far left

Photographs & text: Páll Stefánsson

 01/02/2023 : RX1R II: 2.0/35mm Z