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Iceland stands in the middle of the Atlantic, a small nation positioned  between two different cultures, political systems and world powers.
When the country hosted the famous meeting of the Presidents of the USA and former USSR, the island that was known  as ‘Europe’s Best Kept Secret’ was thrust into the limelight.
From that point, Iceland began to play more major roles, to become the ‘go to’ place for tourists and adventurers—to become known for its volcanic eruptions and its economic crash.
On every front, Iceland was suddenly thrust into the public eye and, as word spread about the people, the nature, the amazing sights and experiences that greeted visitors, it has undergone an amazing transformation.
It has gained the confidence to take its place on the world stage, bringing to the table fresh ideas, perspectives and an entrepreneurial vision to take risks and try things no one else has dared.
Given the challenges the world faces, it is at this time that Iceland is stepping up to the plate to provide forums for discussion, a land of health alternatives, possibilities of tranquil peace and a humbling perspective of life with its dramatic landscapes that just might enable cooler heads to prevail.

This issue offers a range of topics and views from the North.