ICETRALIA is an international comedy event featuring two different comedians from two different islands. Duffy and Dagsson bring you everything you want in a comedy show; observations, obscenities and musical numbers.

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Performed in glorious english language.

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ros3 icelandic timesJono Duffy is an Australian born comedian and cabaret performer who recently moved to Iceland to avoid poisonous spiders and ex husbands. His comedy is like himself; gay, Australian and a bit desperate.

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rosd icelandic timesHugleikur Dagsson is a relatively talented Icelandic cartoonist who turned to stand up comedy to avoid real work. This has brought him local fame, some money and a couple of diseases. His comedy is like himself; filthy, friendly and slightly autistic.

The upcoming dates at Rosenberg are:

april 13th and 20eth
may 19th and 26th
june 2nd, 9th, 16th and 23rd.