While lawyer Dagbjört Hafliðadóttir, owner of LAX – Seafood and Bubbles restaurant was working in England, she was often treated to seafood & bubbles and loved it. The problem was when she moved back to Iceland, she could not finding anything equal to that here in Reykjavik, being a cook too, she decided to open up her own seafood & Bubbly restaurant she calls LAX.

Lax & Bubbles

At her restaurant she serves luxurious dished with sparkling wine from Italy she imports herself. “We serve our wine with the freshest seafood of the season and make everything on the menu from scratch. A very popular dish is a tasters platter to share.” says Dagbjört. When She opened the doors to the restaurant, Icelanders was the bulk of her clientele. But now there is an steady exponential growth of foreign visitors too.

Dagbjört Hafliðadóttir owner of LAX Seafood and Bubbles restaurant
Dagbjört Hafliðadóttir, owner

LAX – Seafood & Bubbles
Grandagarður 16
101 Reykjavík
[email protected]
+354 820 6376