Map of Borgarnes

Borgarnes is a town located on a peninsula at the shore of Borgarfjörður in Iceland and is the largest town in the Borgarbyggð municipality with a population of about 2,000 residents. It is a main junction in Iceland and the gateway to the Snaefellsnes National Park. Iceland’s capital Reykjavik is 69 kilometers from the center of Borgarnes. The second largest bridge in Iceland, the Borgarfjarðarbrú, connects traffic to and from Reykjavik.

Tourist Information Center: Vesturlandsstofa, Borgarnes Information center, Hyrnutorg, Borgarbraut 58-60, tel. 4372214, [email protected],


Hótel Borgarnes,Egilsgata 16, tel.4371119,[email protected].
Icelandair Hótel Hamar, tel.433-6600,[email protected].
Hótel Hafnarfjall,Hafnarskógi, tel.437-2345/895-4366.
Bjarg, tel. 437-1925/864-1325, [email protected].
Borgarnes B&B, Skúlagata 21,tel.434-1566/842-5866,[email protected].
Englendingavík, Skúlagata 17,tel.840-0314. •
Borgarnes Hostel,Borgarbraut 11-13,tel. 437-1126,[email protected].
Egils Guesthouse,Egilsgata 6-8 and Brákarbraut 11,tel. 860-6655/6591918/6907425
Kría Guesthouse,Kveldúlfsgata 27,tel.845-4126.
Lækjarkot, tel. 551-9590
Blómasetrið B&B, Skúlagata 13,
Room with a view,Fjólukletti 18,tel.437-1560.


Hótel Borgarnes, Egilsgata 16, tel. 437-1119.
Hótel Hafnarfjall, Hafnarskógar, tel. 437-2345/895-4366.
Matstofan, Brákarbraut 3, Philippine restaurant, tel. 437-2017.
Grillhúsið, Brúartorg, tel. 437-1282.
Olís, Brúartorg, tel. 437-1259.
N1, Brúartorg, tel. 440-1333.
Icelandair Hotel Hamar, tel. 433-6600.
The Settlement Center of Iceland, Brákarbraut 13-15, restaurant and coffee shop, tel. 437-1600.
Geirabakarí, Digranesgata 6, bakery, restaurant and coffee shop, tel. 437-2020.
Englendingavík, Skúlagata 17, restaurant and coffee shop, tel. 840-0314.
Blómasetrið – Kaffi Kyrrð, Skúlagata 13, Internet café, tel. 437-1878.