Mountain Lómagnúpur (767 m) on Skeiðarársandur, south coast

10505112_1506183876277967_2536134290198182678_oMountain Lómagnúpur (767 m) on Skeiðarársandur, south coast Iceland. Lómagnúpur is one of the most instantly recognisable of all Icelandic mountains, was once thought to be the home of a giant named Járngrímur. Njál’s Saga describes how Flosi Þorgeirsson dreamt that Járngrímur came to him from Lómagnúpur and foretold the fates of the band of men who had burnt Njál and his family alive inside their farm. Járngrímur is also commemorated as one of the guardian spirits that warded off foreign kings who wanted to conquer Iceland in the early days of the settlement. The giant of Lómagnúpur has earned himself a place on Iceland’s coat of arms, where he stands with the guardian spirits of the other three quarters of the country, holding his iron staff in his hand. The farm at the foot of Mt. Lómagnúpur is called Núpsstaður.

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