Museum and gallery in Reykjavik



listasafn-islandtorarinn-b-torlaksson-aning-li-75-84x150-cm-1910-gox-jas-1bls-109The National Gallery of lceland has come a long  way from its origins. To begin with, the collection consisted of donated artwork, mainly by Danish artists. Today the museum is at Fríkirkjuvegur 7 in central  Reykjavík, displaying both lcelandic and international art.
Fríkirkjuvegur 7, Reykjavík |  515-9600 | | Hours: Daily 11-17, Closed Mon

NATIONAL MUSEUM OF ICELANDtjodminjasafnislandssargon-1948-2grunnsyning-1
Offers a state-of-the-art exhibitions on the cultural history of lceland. The permanent exhibition. Making of a Nation – Heritage and History of lceland, gives a comprehensive picture of lceland’s cultural history through the ages to the present day.
Suðurgata 41, Reykjavík |  530-2200 | | Hours: Daily 10-17

A museum founded in 1984 by lcelandic sculptor Sigurjón Ólafsson’s wife, as a tribute to his life and work. She had his studio in Laugarnes converted to an exhibition space, showing his collection of works, including sculptures, sketches, drawings and biographical material.
Laugarnestangi 70 |  553-2906 | | Hours: Daily 14-17. Closed Mon.
Founded in 1961 when industrialist andd book publisher Ragnar Jónsson donated his personal art collection to the museum, consisting of paintings by lceland’s most renowned painters. His wish was to establish an art museum that would bring art to the working class.
Freyjugata 41, Reykjavík |  511-5353 | | Hours: Daily 13-17, Closed Mon

Cultural center and historic home of Hannes Hafstein, lceland’s first Minister of State, now houses the non-profit Hannesarholt, dedicated to retrieving cultural memory, and evitalizing cultural roots. Bordstofan Cistro open daily from llam – 6pm. Short documentary on Hannes Hafstein and early Reykjavík Guided historic ity walks Tue and Thu at 1 pm by appointment.
Grundarstígur 10, Reykjavík |  511-1904 | |Hours: Daily 11-17

Probably the most unique museum you’ll visit on your trip, the lcelandic Phallological Museum is a one of a kind. Here you’ll find a collection of more than two hundred penises and penile part belonging to almost all land and sea mammals found in lceland.
Laugavegur 116, Reykjavík |  561 6663 | | Hours: Daily 10-18

Shows documentaries that give a good idea of real life in lceland, where volcanoes and earthquakes are a constant threat. There’s also a geological stone exhibition, which gives a brief overview of lceland’s geological history and volcanic system, and a boutique, with lcelandic designs, artwork, lava rocks, pumice, bottles of ash and Lava Jewellery. Tryggvagata 11, Reykjavík |  555-1900 | | Hours: Daily 10-21

Its objective is to collect, study and present lcelandic design and crafts from 1900 to the present day. This young museum, the only one of its kind in lceland. holds regular exhibitions of lcelandic and international design during the year. Exhibitions from the museum’s own collection are regularly held.
Garðatorg 1, Garðabær | 512-1525 | |Hours: Daily 12-17, Closed Mon

The Northern Lights Center, Aurora Reykjavík, allows you to experience the amazing Northern Lights.The center features information, education and of course stunning visuals of the elusive lights.
Grandagarður 2, Reykjavík | 780-4500 | auroraReykjaví | Hours: Daily 9-21

Mainly devoted to paintings and sculpture by well established lcelandic and international artists. Kjarvalsstaðir offers a permanent exhibition of key works by one of lceland’s most beloved landscape painters, Jóhannes S. Kjarval,  as well as changing exhibitions that explore various aspects of lcelandic  art.
Flókagata 24, Reykjavík | 517-1290 | | Hours: Daily 10-17

Opened in 1983, the collection is housed in a unique building designed and constructed mostly by the artist himself from 1942- 1950. The original building served Sveinsson as studio and home: behind it he built a crescent-shaped structure as a work- and exhibition space.
Sigtún, Reykjavík|553-2155 ||Hours: Daily 10-17.

Halldór Laxness, the well known Nobel Prize winning lcelandic  writer lived with his family at Gljúfrasteinn, his home until his death, that today serves as a museum dedicated to his life and work.
Gljúfrasteinn, Mosfellsbær 586-8066 | | Hours: Tue-Sun 10-16

A cozy place in a loft at the lively Old Harbour down town Reykjavík, where there is a daily show of films of volcanoes, northern lights and nature gems of lceland. Rock exhibition, DVD’s, books, refreshments, information… – or just relax in a unique place.
Geirsgata 7b, Reykjavík 898 6628 | | Hours: Daily 12-20

A unique venue dedicated to lcelandic history and cultural heritage, with facilities for exhibitions, meetings, gatherings, lectures, artistic events, public ceremonies and other occasions. On the ground floor there a restaurant and a souvenir shop.
Hverfisgata 15, Reykjavík|  545-1400 |

On Hverfisgata, just off Reykjavík’s main shopping street, you’ll find this hidden gem. Imagine it as a museum where you can take home anything you particularly fancy. A vast collection of unique and historic lcelandic items, such as stamps, coins and much more, make it well worth a visit.
Hverfisgata 16, Reykjavík |  Hours: Mon-Fri 10-17, Sat 12-16

The Reykjavík Art Museum took possession of its portion of Hafnarhús (Harbour House) in April 2000. built in 1932-39 for the offices and warehouses of Reykjavík Harbor, it was at that time one of the largest buildings in the country.
Tryggvagata 17, Reykjavík| 590-1200 || Hours: Daily 10-17, Thu 10-20

One of the pioneers of lcelandic art and the first lcelander to take up painting professionally. Having died in 1958, he bequeathed all his works, as well as his studio home to the lcelandic nation.
Bergstaðastræti 74, Reykjavík| 515-9625 | Hours: Sun 14-17

The largest whale exhibition in Europe (and perhaps even the world), where guests can learn about the giants of the sea in a calm and modern environment. The permanent exhibition features whales like guests have never seen them before. It is truly a giant experience.
Fiskislóð 23-25, Reykjavík 571-0077 | Hours: Daily 9-19