The Nuuk Art Museum was opened the 22nd of May 2005 in the former Adventist church on Kissarneqqoortuunn- guaq Street in Nuuk with a total exhibition area of 400 square meters.

The art museum displays art and handicrafts from both the past and the present. The Nuuk Art Museum was founded by Svend and Helene Junge based on their private collection from the past 45 years and consisting of approximately 300 pictures, paintings, water colors, drawings and graphic art as well as 400 figures in soapstone, ivory and wood.

Workshops have been set up in the museum so that guests can observe the actual fashioning of sculptural pieces. Some of Greenland’s best artists work in shifts in its workshops.

The largest portion of the painting collection in The Nuuk Art Museum is the representative works of Emanuel A. Petersen (1894-1948). Husband and wife Junge have donated 150 of Emanuel A. Petersen’s paintings.

In addition to this artist’s paintings, the collection houses the works of many important Greenlandic artists.