October in Reykjavík

Going down to the center of Reykjavík on a normal Saturday in October, armed with two cameras, what will your eye catch? Here is the result, because the light, culture and general life in the capital always surprises you. Because you never know what moment, subject or mood you will find yourself in. Reykjavík is just simply always exciting. A city that always finds ways to surprise you. Although one pretends to know her, having being raised there there for sixty years, plus.

The people of Ukraine thank Iceland for their spupport at a festival held by Úkraínskir refugees group in Kolaportið today. Here we see a ballet exhibition, wich the Icelandic President, the first lady of Iceland, our minister of foreign affairs and the president of The city counsel watch on closely.

Beautiful fall leaves at Klambratún

Where are the Aurora Borealis? These friends made their way, all the way to Iceland to see them, from Taiwan and China. They only have a few days left.

Japanese tuna ship collecting their supplies at Reykjavíkurhöfn. Marshallhúsið in the background.

Reykjavík 08/10/2022 : A7R IV, RX1R II – FE 2.8/100mm GM, 2.0/35mm Z
Photographs & text : Páll Stefánsson