Panorama of the capital area

Kópavogskirkja, the oldest church in the second most populous municipality in the country, stands at the top of Borgarholt, which is a preserved hill. The view from the church is excellent in all directions, as many make their way up the hill to enjoy a panoramic view of the capital area. The church was built between 1958 and 1962, according to the drawings of the architects Hörður Bjarnason and Ragnar Emilsson. The church’s windows are considered unique, designed by Gerður Helgadóttir, but Kópavogur’s art museum, Gerðarsafn, is closest to the church and named after her. Next to the museum is the Kópavogur Library, and Salurinn, one of the best concert halls in the country. Borgarholt, where the church stands, is extremely rough, with its large natural stones, the art of nature unspoiled.

Kópavog church on top of Borgarholt

Kópavogskirkja seen from Arnarnes, over Kópavogur, Esjan in the background

Looking east, Gerðarsafn closest, Hamraborgin in the background from Kópavogavogskirkja

The tower in Kópavogur, the tallest building in the country in the middle of the picture, Bláfjöll in the distance, seen with a zoom lens from Kópavogurskirkja

Looking north, Perlan in the middle of the picture

Picture taken from the same place, here zoomed in. Hallgrímskirkja peaks over Öskjuhlíð

27/03/2023 : A7R III, A7C : FE 2.5/40mm G, FE 200-600 G
Text and photographs: Páll Stefánsson