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Andrew Scott Fortune

Andrew Scott Fortune has worked in the publishing field since 1971. He is interested in expanding the possibilities offered by digital innovations but has his feet firmly in the country lifestyle.

Dagmar Trodler

Dagmar Trodler is an author and fairy-hill dweller. Her motto: A life without nature and horses is possible, but makes no sense.

E. Marie Valgarðsson

Never content to put down roots, Marie has lived in 12 different countries across Europe and Africa over the last 40 years, which contributes to her unique perspective of life and a broad appreciation of the many different languages and cultures she has had to adapt to over the years. In Iceland since 2007, Marie lives in Selfoss with her Icelandic husband and the last two of her children who have not yet flown the coop, an Icelandic sheepdog and two calico cats.

Jenna Gottlieb

Jenna Gottlieb is a native New Yorker and journalist, living in Iceland since 2012. See her Iceland-related writing at www.jennagottlieb.com.

Sigrún Pétursdóttir

Sigrún Pétursdóttir is a mother of two, stepmother of three, loving traveling and life in general. Believer in a better world filled with butterflies and rainbows.

Edda Snorradottir

Edda Snorradóttir is graduate in Business Administration and she's currently working on her MSc thesis in Marketing and International Business. She is also a hobby writer and goldfish enthusiast


Icelandic Times Magazine - the only magazine in Iceland published in English, German, French and now Chinese. Icelandic Times Magazine's sister publication Land og Saga is published in Icelandic.

Björn Reynir Halldórsson

Björn Reynir Halldórsson is a master student of History at University of Edinburgh. Previously journalist, assistant archivist and receptionist.

Hrafnhildur Þórhalldsóttir

Hrafnhildur Þórhallsdóttir is a writer and a passionate dog owner who fiercely believes that beauty can save the world. In her spare time she mostly eats (peanut butter), plays with the dog and writes poetry about the general agony of love and human existence.

Katrín Baldursdóttir

Katrín Baldusdóttir has worked as a journalist and newsreporter for radio and television for over 20 years. She has a Master degree in Social Science, and a degree in teaching. She loves to be in the nature, walking or on a horse and can spend hours in the swimmingpool.

Magnús þór Hafsteinsson

Magnús is a journalist, former member of parliament and is educated as a biologist.

Melanie Adams

Melanie J. Adams is a writer, translator, and classically trained singer, holding both B.A and M.A degrees in English literature as well as an undergraduate degree in music. Melanie's many interests include ancient history and civilizations, Medieval music, travel, and Scandinavian crime fiction. Known for her boisterous laughter, Melanie loves to cook for friends, spend time by the sea, and build pillow forts with her brilliant daughter.

Nanna Hlín Halldórsdóttir

Nanna Hlín Halldórsdóttir is in love with all sorts of writing, reading and talking whether it is about Iceland or social change!

Ólöf Baldvinsdóttir

Olof Asdis Baldvinsdottir is a freelance copy writer. She was born in Iceland but raised in the United States. So even though she is Icelandic, her first language is English and she feels like a tourist in her own country She currently writes freelance articles and website content for various international companies within the tourism industry. She has a unique perspective being that she herself was a tourist in her own country.

Simon Falkner

Simon Falkner is a freelance journalist and songwriter pursuing a degree in economics and environmental science. He spends most of his time researching various topics ranging from physics to geopolitics, and loves to travel when his nose is not buried in some book, or stuck to the screen of his laptop.


Steinunn F.Harðardóttir loves to travel and likes to learn as much as possible about the places visited as well as to inform others. Therefore it came as a natural continuation for her to obtain a license as a tour guide. She has also produced radio broadcast about travel and nature for the National Radio of Iceland for 25 years. In her opinion, Iceland is unique in terms of nature and landscape and she is a strong believer it must be preserved and handled with respect.

Súsanna Svavarsdóttir

Súsanna Svavarsdóttir has been working as a writer, journalist and a translator for 35 years. She has written for newspapers and magazines, worked in television and radio and her specialty is arts & culture, as well as tourism. Susanna has translated a vast number of books from English and Norwegian to Icelandic, and worked as a translator and language assessor for the aviation field in Iceland for a number of years. She writes in English as well as Icelandic.

Svava Jónsdóttir

Svava Jónsdóttir has worked as a journalist for the past 20 years and has written three books. She has a BA-degree in Spanish and literature, a diploma in journalism and has teaching certification and a diploma in international relations. She is a member of the board of the United Nations Association of Iceland. Her interests? Literature and music; she studied music for about a decade. And of course she loves to travel.

Vignir Andri Guðmundsson

Vignir Andri Guðmundsson: "In between teaching teenagers English, raising a son, trying to see the world, writing my M.A thesis and writing magazine articles I play guitar in a punk-rock band."