Samlegð / Synergy @ Vetrarhátíð / Winter Lights Festival

The Einar Jónsson Sculpture Museum

Synergy is an augmented reality audio-visual artwork created in a collaboration between the artists Þorsteinn Eyfjörð Þórarinsson and Katerina Blahutova, Reykjavik Winter Festival and the Einar Jónsson Sculpture Museum. The artwork is site-specific, both visually and acoustically, working with the architectural elements of the southern facade of the museum as well as its sounds and acoustics.
The duality of spirit and matter is one of the main motifs in Einar Jónsson’s work. Synergy invites the audience to interact with the matter and spirit of the museum building; modulating light, space and sound using mind and movement.
The audience therefore takes on the role of matter and spirit and by interacting through contemporary technology, visitors are enabled to explore the historic building of the museum without entering it physically and create new augmented spaces for the artworks within the museum.
Opening hours for the work Samlegð
Feb 4 20.00-21.00 (the museum is open from 18-20)
Feb 5 18.00-21.00
Feb 6 18.00-21.00
Feb 7 18.00-21.00
Entrance to the sculpture garden from Njarðgata only.
Access for wheelchairs both at entrance and exit.
LIMIT: 20 people at a time
This installation contains video projection with flashing lights and may potentially trigger seizures for people with photosensitive epilepsy.
The installation allows visitors to interact in two stations; one using a kinetic sensor and the other one is using an EEG brain monitoring device. People who suffer from mental disorders are advised to use the kinetic sensor rather than the EEG device.
Concept: Þorsteinn Eyfjörð Þórarinsson, Katerina Blahutova
Sound: Þorsteinn Eyfjörð Þórarinsson
Visuals and mapping: Katerina Blahutova
Additional music arrangements: Guðmundur Ari Arnalds, Ragnar Jónsson
Sound Programming: Guðmundur Ari Arnalds
Cello: Ragnar Jónsson
Vocals: Dorothea Olesen, Snorri Hallgrímsson
Production: Dorothea Olesen
Assistant: Michael Godden
Interactivity: Katerina Blahutova, Owen Hindley, Guðmundur Ari Arnalds, Þorsteinn Eyfjörð Þórarinsson
Photos: Patrik Ontkovic
Statues by Einar Jónsson used in the work: Alda aldanna, 1894-1905, Demanturinn (Höndin), 1904-1905, Dögun, 1897-1906, Fæðing Psyche (Fæðing sálar), 1915-1927, Hvíld, 1915-1935, Ingólfur Arnarson, 1907, Kona (Anna), 1925, Minnismerki á gröf í Lodz, Póllandi, 1935, Natura mater, 1906, Tíminn, 1900-1904, Útlagar, 1901, Vatnsspegillinn, 1916-1936, Þorfinnur karlsefni, 1918