Þorgrímur Andri Einarsson

You are invited to the private view of the new paintings by Þorgrímur Andri on August 27th at 2 pm.

The artist Þorgrímur Andri Einarsson is born in Reykjavík and studied music in London and in the Netherlands where he graduated from the Royal Conservatoire in The Hague in 2010. While he was abroad, he became interested in oil paintings, which is the only visual medium that he has worked with.

Þorgrímur Andri emphasizes precise drawing, value and colour in his work. He tries to capture the subject in as honest a manner as he possibly can, by bringing to light its emotional effects. Þorgrímur approaches his subjects with passion and an emphasis on realism in drawing, tone and colour composition, mixed together with fragmentation and the abstract. Playing with the flow between background and foreground in an effort to bring forth interesting planes through fragmentation.

He has exhibited his work around the world, in the United States, Denmark and of course in various places in Iceland, among them here in Art Gallery Fold.

Exhibition start August 27th at 2 pm.


Rauðarárstígur 12-14 105 Reykjavik

[email protected]


Exhibition start August 27th



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