Guesthouse Borg

This friendly guesthouse is situated in the very heart of the small village. It offers 34 made up beds and/ or sleeping bag accommodation. A stay in an apartment is possible. Breakfast is available. Organized hikes and hunting in the Borgarfjörður region upon request.

In the area

The beach is in walking distance
Dyrfjöll and Stórurð beautiful hiking area
Bakkagerði village in Borgarfjörður eystri 10 km
Restaurant/café, sauna, hot tubs and a grocery store in Bakkagerði
Puffins in Bakkagerði (period 15.04-10.08)
Egilsstaðir 61 km
Seyðisfjörður village (The ferry Norræna) 101 km


In a separate house on the farm. Upstairs are rooms that share a kitchen and two bathrooms, one with a shower and a bath. Made-up beds for eight and extra mattresses on request. Well suited to e.g. two families. Separate apartment on the ground floor sleeping 4-6 in two bedrooms (double bed and bunk-beds), kitchen, living room and bathroom. TV on both floors and free Wi-Fi. Access to laundry facilities.


Breakfast on request. A supermarket and restaurant in village Bakkagerði in Borgarfjörður eystri (10 km / 6 mi).

Service and recreation

Borg runs a sheep farm and guests are greeted by the farm dog. Guests are welcome to observe farmers at work and play with the animals on the farm. Both short and long hiking trails run through some magnificent scenery in this area, 27 of which are marked. Ideal location for puffin watching in village Bakkagerði (15.04 – 10.08). Supermarket and restaurants/coffee shop (open during summer season), a hot tub and sauna in the village (10 km / 6 mi). The nearest swimming pool, larger shops and domestic airport: town Egilsstaðir (61 km / 40 mi). The ferry harbour in Seyðisfjörður is 101 km / 63 mi away.

Njarðvík – a rare natural beauty

Njarðvík is a beautiful place in the summer months, a small grassy valley by the bay of Njarðvík where waves gently caress a sandy beach occasionally visited by seals that come to relax in the sun. The valley is closed off on three sides by unusually colourful mountains, characterised by ravines and passes, and through it runs the main road between Fljótsdalshérað and Borgarfjörður eystri. This is a lovely place to relax and take in the energy of a fascinating landscape to the tune created by the rhythmical humming of ocean waves.

Magical hikes – Innra-Hvanngil, Stórurð

Close to Borg is Innra-Hvanngil, a place nobody should miss; it is possible to drive a short distance alongside the ravine and then take a comfortable hike into the ravine itself, a real magical world of rhyolite and basalt. From Njarðvík lie many hiking trails, some of which are marked, such as the old route to Fljótsdalshérað through the pass Gönguskarð. Above the valley are peaks and passes that tempt hikers and offer many possibilities, such as a trail (a day’s journey) from the bottom of the valley to the natural phenomenon Stórurð to the west by Dyrfjöll mountains.

Outdoor paradise, Borgarfjörður eystri, Víknaslóðir

Borgarfjörður eystri is an ideal place for outdoor activities and hiking. The mountains and the place itself are virtually unrivalled in beauty in Iceland. South of Borgarfjörður is Víknaslóðir, The Trail of the Inlets, an area with quite a few inhabitants around bays and inlets up until the middle of the 20th century, now one of the most popular areas for hiking and outdoor activities in East Iceland. There are some rough jeep trails in the area, as well as marked hiking trails and a few travellers’ huts. You can get hiking maps of the area and trails running from Borgarfjörður eystri and bay Njarðvík at the shop in village Bakkagerði.

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Borgarfjörður-eystri (eystri) 720 Borgarfjörður

472-9870, 894-4470

[email protected]

Open all year round.



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