Þakgil Canyon Campsite

Takgil icelandic times IMG_0883Þakgil is a little known highland hiker’s paradise, very close to the south coast of Iceland. Þakgil (Roof Canyon) is a tiny sheltered canyon with a grassy plain floor which serves as the campsite. Access to toilets and hot showers is included. Small pine huts are also available, each with their own toilet, gas stove and refrigerator.A large natural cave serves as a dining hall, complete with a cooking grill and a fireplace. This unique setting also offers several day hike options to the nearby Mýrdalsjökull Glacier, which sits on top of the infamous Katla volcano.

takgil icelandic times iceland Picture 024Getting There Is Also an Adventure

The journey from Reykjavik begins by driving about 180 km on the main highway (the Ring Road) to the southernmost village in Iceland, Vík í Mýrdal, which is at the base of a unique black basalt beach, once voted as one of the ten most beautiful beaches in the world. The cliffs to the west are a known haven for seabirds, most notably the Puffin, the parrot of the North. You drive 5 more kilometres along the main road, and then about 15 more kilometres on a well maintained gravel road –  accessible by car. The landscape is famous for its weird rock formations, and for being one of the set locations for the Game of Thrones TV series. Þakgil is generally open during the summer from June 1 to the 15 Sep, but some flexibility can be arranged upon request. It is usually open before the roads are opened to the highlands further inland, including the road to Landmannalaugar.

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Þakgil – Road 214

871 Vík

+354 893 4889

[email protected]