The Night of the lost artwork

glootudverk_2015The Night of the lost artworks invite artists to exhibit works that have not been shown before for one reason or another. Works that have not yet been realized or possible or simply lost work.

Artists of the fifth night are:

Ásdís Sif Gunnarsdóttir
Eva Ísleifs
Kata Inga
Leifur Ýmir Eyjólfsson
Ragnheiður Bjarnason
Samuel Gouttenoire

Effortlessly the idea was born in 2012, the idea was born specifically to dedicate nights to the lost art, works that have not been shown in Iceland or works that are still being processed and are experimental. More often than not the pieces have been performances, most likely because the performances are time-related projects, which often just live in the moment and leave behind an experience.

It should be particularly pointed out that the interest of this evening is to create time and space for something that was and can be again. Evenings are intended for discussion and spekjúlósjón about art and its context. This is all a matter of Context.

The fifth night of the lost works will start at 20:00 on 27th of November 2015 in a villa at Framnesvegur 58B. We will charge 1000 ISK for entré and the money will go to the artists involved.