Cod fishing in the midnight sun

Sunset at Reykjavík Harbour is now a few minutes before midnight. This fisherman was just fishing for cod in the harbour, in the beautiful midnight sun. Cod has been our most valuable export for centuries. The quota for cod for the current fishing year, ending on 1 September, is 217 thousand tonnes, and now that two months are left, 191 thousand tonnes have been caught, or 88% of the total catch. The average price for cod from the sea is 372 ISK / kg or 3 USD / 2.5 EUR. The average weight of cod landed in Iceland on Friday, when the picture was taken, was 3.1 kg. Jigging is, of course, not part of the cod fishing quota.

Reykjavík 02/07/2021 22:18 35mm

Photo and text Páll Stefánsson