Tokens of Iceland: Handcrafted Jewelry

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Oddný Braga designs timeless pendants inspired by Iceland’s nature.


Tokens of Iceland is a handmade jewelry line that evokes four distinct Icelandic features—magma, glacier, aurora, and hot springs. Created and designed by Oddný Braga, Tokens of Iceland is a dynamic brand that is the perfect souvenir from an idyllic Icelandic holiday. Each necklace, with its own unique stone is handcrafted in the west Iceland town of Borgarnes. The jewelry, which is handmade with natural mineral pearls wrapped in Sterling Silver, represent the geology and uniqueness of Iceland. The Magma below the ground, the Glaciers shaping the land, the Aurora Borealis lighting up the sky and the Hot Springs boiling below the very rocks we walk upon.
icelandic times Magma_04Molten Magma
Iceland is a volcanic island constantly in flux with magma breaking through fissures and periodic eruptions that redesign the rocky landscape. Iceland’s land is made up of igneous rock, most of which is basalt, which forms from cooling magma. Most of Iceland’s volcanoes are fissures, like the 2014 Holuhraun eruption, where lava seeps out of the cracks in the earth’s crust. Holuhraun produced fountains of lava shooting out of the earth. Oddný created the Magma pendant to reflect the fire-like intensity of eruptions and the cooling magma left behind.

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jokulsarlon1 icelandic timesGorgeous Glaciers
Like the air, Iceland’s water is perfectly pure and that could be in part credited to the island nation’s vast glaciers. Ice covers about 11% of the country, mostly in the form of Iceland’s largest glaciers, Vatnajökull, Hofsjökull, Langjökull, and Mýrdalsjökull. Travelers love to explore the icy expanses by hiking, snowmobiling and even visiting ice caves. The Glacier pendant has a pure, crystal clear feeling the reminds us of Iceland’s gorgeous glaciers.

icelandic times Aurora_04 krsityHaunting Aurora Borealis
The biggest winter attraction in Iceland is the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis). People travel from around the world to catch a glimpse of the green, white, blue and red lights dancing in the night sky. Tokens of Iceland offer a striking green stone pendant that represents the movement of the dancing green lights.  

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icelandic times Aurora_01 kristySoothing Hot Springs
Iceland’s water also serves as tourist attractions. The manmade Blue Lagoon near Grindavik allows visitors to bathe in geothermally heated water, which soothes and heals the skin. There are a number of hot springs throughout the country that locals and tourists enjoy. Tokens of Iceland’s blue Hot Springs pendant captures the striking blue color of the Blue Lagoon.
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Tokens of Iceland: Handcrafted Jewelry