Figures on tourists

It is interesting to look at the composition of foreign tourists who visit Iceland. Ferðamálastofa / Icelandic Tourist Board compiles numbers, information about the tourists who visit us. Last summer, the Americans were by far the largest group, but a third of tourists came from there, and stayed an average of 7.1 nights, a week. Germans were in second place, 9.6% of tourists, but stayed the longest of all nations, or an average of 11.3 nights, almost half a month. The French were in third place, 6.3% of tourists and stayed here for an average of ten and a half nights. Most tourists visited the capital, well over 90%. The South was visited by 85% of tourists, no other part of the country reaches fifty percent. Very few people visited Vestfirðir, unfortunately. The Swiss spent the most, and only a quarter of tourists stay in hotels. Tents, cottages, homestays, cruise ships and camper cars seem to be pretty popluar as sleeping arrangements for foreign tourists, as hotel occupancy is around and above 90% in all parts of the country.
It is worth mentioning that Icelandic Times is published in English, German and Chinese after a two-year break, special magazines that are great for these groups.

Midnight sun in Reykjavík in July


Strokkur at Geysir in June

Herðubreið on the left rises from the highlands in May


23/03/2023 : A7R IVA7R III : FE 1.8/14mm GMFE 1.2/50mm GM

Photographs and text: Páll Stefánsson