Westernmost part of Europe

Patreksfjörður in the Westfjords is the westernmost town in Europe. From Reykjavík it’s 400 km / 240 mi to Patreksfjörður. About 200 km / 120 mi are just in the Westfjords. Part of the way is on Road 60, which is one of the worst and the most beautiful roads in the country, both in winter and summer.
Almost no one lives during the first 100 km / 60 mi in Eastern-Barðarstrandarsýsla. But when you get into the western part, there are sheep and cattle farms. One of the best blueberry fields in the country is in Barðaströnd. The road is finally being renovated, so it will be possible to drive there on paved roads from the capital all the way into the west fjords within a few years.
Fishing companies and salmon farms are most likely very relieved, but nowhere in Iceland is there more salmon fishing than in the southern Westfjords. It is of great importance to the companies there that there is good transport south to Keflavík, to bring freshest products by air, to markets overseas.

Road 60 in Gufufjörður in East-Barðastrandasýsla

Looking from Road 63 from Mikldalur, over to the village Patreksfjörður and the fjord with the same name.

Austur- og Vestur Barðastrandasýsla 25/03/2020 09:07 & 15:31 – A7R III: FE 2.8 / 100mm GM & FE 2.8 / 90mm G

Photographs and text: Páll Stefánsson