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Viking beer for the world

Brugghús Steðja brews beer for every occasion

斯泰西啤酒/Brugghús Steðji牌啤酒,亲朋聚会,宴请酬宾的佳酿

Bring together a Viking farmer, a German brewer, pure Icelandic spring water and innovation that Vikings are famous for and you have an award-winning phenomenon: a range of unique beers from one of Iceland’s youngest breweries.
斯泰西啤酒/Brugghús Steðji是冰岛啤酒酿造新秀,推出了一系列风味独特的啤酒。它集于维京农夫的优良培育、德国酿酒师的酿造工艺、冰岛纯净的矿泉水,及维京人特有的大胆创新于一身。
Based in West Iceland, not far from the town of Borgarnes, the Brugghús Steðja brewery produces a whole range of beers, some of which are designed for specific seasons. They are not bound by traditional recipes but have come up with highly unusual creations that have to be tasted and savoured.
斯泰西啤酒/Brugghús Steðji厂位于冰岛西部,与博尔加内斯/Borgarnes相距不远,生产各种啤酒,有些为应季啤酒,专为特定的季节所定制。斯泰西啤酒不拘泥于传统的配方,更加注重口感风味,别出心裁,大胆创新。

Take, for instance, the Easter beer that counts cocoa and Icelandic seaweed as ingredients; Summer beer that uses New Zealand’s citrus hops; Strawberry beer that is made with pure strawberries; October beer, a bock style of beer made with pumpkin seeds from Austria or the Christmas beer and Icelandic Northern Lights beer – very dark, malted beers with licorice, fitting for the dark nights of winter.
Another seasonal beer, with its own unique flavour, is the Hvalur 2, specially brewed for the Thorri season in February. Pagan Vikings celebrated during these dark days with a festival honouring Thor, the mighty god of thunder. It’s a festival that has been passed down through history to the present day. Icelanders eat ram’s testicles, soured whale fat, fermented shark and other ‘delicacies’ during this month at parties held throughout the country.
另一款应季啤酒——跨陆儿/Hvalur 2号鲸蛋啤酒,口味独特,专为二月份冰岛冬季的索利/Thorri节打造。异教徒的维京人饮此啤酒以示对索儿/Thor,这个北欧神话中全能雷神的尊敬。雷神节从古至今,传承不绝。在这个节日,冰岛人会食用公羊的“蛋蛋”、酸鲸脂、发酵的鲨鱼肉以及其他各种“美味”。
The Hvalur 2 beer is brewed with similar ingredients to provide a unique taste for this equally unique festival. The company takes fresh testicles from a fin whale, smokes them in the traditional Icelandic way, using dried sheep dung, with one testicle in each brew. This gives the beer its own special flavour – as well as a slightly meaty taste.
跨陆儿/Hvalur 2号啤酒采用相似的原料酿造,为这个特殊的节日增添几分独特的味道。从长须鲸身上摘取新鲜睾丸,然后按照冰岛的传统工艺,用干羊粪熏制鲸鱼睾丸,再在每份啤酒中添加一份烟熏过的鲸鱼睾丸。这样,一份独特的,略带肉味的鲸蛋口味啤酒就做成了!

So unusual is this beer that the company has received orders for it from all parts of the world. Some believe its ingredients are like a natural viagra, producing positive effects on individual’s sex drive and potency. If proven true, Iceland will have to embark on a rapid fin whale breeding programme! Judging from the demand for the beer, they had better start soon. Smart entrepreneurs are advised to contact the company right away to ensure their supply.
由于这种啤酒非比寻常,引来了世界各地源源不断的订单。有人认为这种啤酒的原料像是天然“伟哥”,能有效提高男性的性欲和性功能。如果此言属实,冰岛恐怕得着手落实长须鲸快速繁殖计划了,而且从需求看,这个计划还得早点开始呢!一些精明的企业家们早已得到高人指点,和斯泰西啤酒/Brugghús Steðji签订了供货合同,以确保他们的订单供应无虞。
As any connoisseur of beer knows, the whole experience is important. The bottle and the label set the stage for the climax. The labels are designed by an award-winning designer. The label for Hvalur 2, for instance, is in the shape of a whale and, on the back is a poem from the Hávamál, one of the ancient Viking poems.
说到啤酒,行家都知道完美体验非常重要,而酒瓶和商标更是点睛之笔。斯泰西啤酒/Brugghús Steðji所用的啤酒商标皆出自屡获大奖的设计师之手。跨陆儿/Hvalur 2号啤酒的商标,外形酷似鲸鱼,鲸鱼背上印着维京古诗《哈维默》/Hávamál中的佳句,真是匠心独运!

These tasty, unique beers can be found at the Icelandic ‘Vinbúðin’ or wine shop and at selected bars in Iceland. The company also ships worldwide to individuals, companies, hotels and restaurants. Nothing creates interest more than an Icelandic beer in the heart of China.
这些美味而又独特的啤酒,在冰岛的酒类专卖店/Vinbúðin、酒楼或者是高档酒吧,都有出售。此外,斯泰西啤酒/Brugghús Steðji也直接通过船运,向全球各地的个人、公司、酒店和饭店供货。在中国腹地,还有什么能比冰岛啤酒更能创造效益的呢?!

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