Iceland 4×4 Car Rental

We take pride in flexible and personal service

Iceland 4×4 Car Rental specialises in four-wheel drive vehicles intended for safe and comfortable travels in Iceland. Their fleet ranges from medium sized 4WD hatchbacks to 4WD jeeps and light pickup trucks that are especially adapted for Icelandic road conditions all year round. In addition, they offer specially equipped vehicles for travelling deep into Iceland’s Interior highlands (see their Special Offer Car). Iceland 4×4 Car Rental is a local brand and they take pride in flexible and personal service, as well as competitive prices.

4x4 car rental Iceland

Adventurous times

Break Out From the Crowds and the Polluted, Paved Cities. Take an adventurous trip into Mother Nature’s back yard. Wouldn’t you like to breathe fresh, clean air for a change? Let your ears expand in the silence? Let your eyes stretch to the horizons amid the rich colours and textures of nature and drink the purest of waters, straight from its source in the mountains?
How about bathing in a naturally-heated pool surrounded by real flowers–and be your own master?

4x4 car rental Iceland

Iceland 4×4 Self-drive

Taking a bus ride into the wilderness of Iceland is always fun but what they provide is the incredible feeling of being free and in total control of your own vacation. Renting a car with Iceland 4×4 Car Rental gives you the real opportunity to explore the deep interior of the untouched Icelandic highlands and being able to stop and enjoy whatever it is that catches your eye.

Their mission

It is the mission of Iceland 4×4 Car Rental to provide their customers with great cars, exceptional service and rental rates, and a lasting impression of our amazing Icelandic nature.
Their friendly, knowledgeable and professional staff will help educate and inspire their customers to have wonderful travels in our amazing country.

4×4 Car Rental 
Grænásvegur 10, 230 Reykjanesbær
+354 535 6060