Sterna’s coach and bus services take travellers to all the country

Sterna travel is one of the leading bus tour companies in Iceland, praised and recommended by clients from all over the world for its passion and professionalism.  Whether you need a scheduled bus to take you across the country or a guided tour to one of Iceland’s jewels, this is the best travel companion you can ask for.

Sterna_strokkur2The Golden Circle—one trip to rule them all

Waterfalls, hot springs and a national park, where the Earth’s crust is slowly being pulled apart; this trip is without question the perfect introduction to Iceland and the mesmerizing but yet frightening forces that have shaped and continue to shape this island.

Throughout the year, Sterna leaves twice a day for the Golden Circle tour, in the morning and in the afternoon. The drive takes you through the beautiful plains of the south of Iceland and a stop is made at a geothermal power plant, where you can learn about volcanic activity and energy utilization. At Gullfoss and Geysir you can take short walks around the areas to admire the mighty waterfall and the erupting Strokkur hot spring. A few additional stops are made before heading to Þingvellir national park, a UNESCO heritage site and a spot of great beauty and historical significance.

-Sterna_JoklagangaKerlingarfjöll—a feast for the senses

One of Sterna’s most fascinating destinations during the summer season is the highlands of Kerlingarfjöll, a unique place that will satisfy anyone seeking something a bit outside the box. This is one of the most active hot spring areas in Iceland and the colour formations in the rocks due to the geothermal activity are simply magical. Here the strange contrasts in Iceland’s nature are clearly visible; one minute you can feel the heat in the ground beneath your feet and the next you’re touching the ice of a glacier. The intensity of this experience often leaves visitors feeling as if they are on another planet.

_MG_0706The Beautiful South Coast—the scenery of dreams

The open spaces and poetic beauty of the south coast make it a wonderful area to explore. Each of the destinations visited are truly something out of the ordinary. How often do you get to stand behind a waterfall, not in front of it, like you can do at Seljarlandsfoss, or walk along a black sand beach from where you can see the magnificent Dyrhóley cape and touch the ancient, melting ice of Sólheimajökull glacier. In addition, a stop is made at Skógarfoss waterfall, another tremendous beauty.

The staff of Sterna travel prides itself on always going the extra mile to give their customers something more than just the average tour. They strive to keep their groups moderately sized for a more personal touch and try to schedule their trips at hours when the sites are less crowded, while offering a competitive price and outstanding service.



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