South Iceland


South Iceland has a long list of sights and activities



The wealth of South Iceland lies in the variety of geological, historical and nature sites along with the long list of activities that can be experienced in the region.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA冰岛南部的财富在于其地理、历史和自然景观的多样性,还有数不胜数可以体验的活动。

This region has geological wonders such as Geysir; the Gullfoss, Háifoss, Skógafoss, Systra and Seljalandsfoss waterfalls; Þingvellir, where the tectonic plates crack the Earth; Europe’s largest glacier, Vatnajökull; the Kerið caldera; world-famous volcanos like Hekla, the Gateway to Hell, Lakagígar, Laki, the notorious Eyjafjallajökull and the Katla Geopark; fantasy sites like Þórsmörk and Jökulsárlón. Here are historical sites like the world’s longest-running parliament at Þingvellir; museums, churches, the Stöng settlement, the Saga centre and villages like Eyrarbakki.Activities abound. Tours take you to all the sites, including the glaciers. Horse riding tours are popular. Try the riverjet, boat trips or kayaking; scuba diving in clear waters, fishing or caving. Independent travellers can try hiking and cycling, camping or caravanning. Winter activites are just as thrilling.

Gonguferð南部地区的地理奇观多不胜数,比如间歇泉;古佛斯瀑布、Háifoss 瀑布、斯科加瀑布、Systra 瀑布和塞里雅兰瀑布;构造板块在地球造成裂缝的辛格韦德利;欧洲最大的冰川瓦特纳冰原;Kerið 火山口;世界著名火山如地狱之门的赫克拉火山、拉基火山、声名狼藉的埃亚菲亚德拉冰盖和卡特拉地质公园;以及像 Þórsmörk 和冰河湖这样美妙的地方。这里拥有许多历史遗迹,如在辛格韦德利有世界最悠久的议会;博物馆、教堂、 Stöng 定居地、Saga Center(传奇中心)和像埃拉巴基的村庄。 南部的旅程会带您到达众多景观,活动丰富多彩,包括冰川和骑马旅行都非常受欢迎。试试水上快艇、泛舟之旅或皮划艇运动;在清水中浮潜、垂钓或洞穴探险。个人游旅行者可以尝试徒步或骑自行车、露营或乘旅行拖车外出。冬季的活动更让人热血沸腾。

Fortunately, there is plenty of accommo­dation available throughout the region from camping to high-class hotels and restaurants to suit every taste. A developed infrastructure helps you get the most from your trips.

ad i hestaferd这里还可以满足您不同的住宿需求,包括露营、高档酒店和多种风味的特色餐厅。南部发达的基础设施将使您最大限度的享受这次旅行。

Photos; courtesy of the South Iceland Marketing Office, Visit South Iceland.

Lake Laugarvatn

Þingvellir National Park


Laugarvatn 湖