West Iceland冰岛西部

Nature steeped in History and Beauty – Discover West Iceland’s rich culture and nature

具备历史风韵的自然风光 – 发掘冰岛西部丰富的文化和自然风光

Kristjan GudmundssonThere’s much more to West Iceland than the spectacular Snæfellsjökull, made famous by Jules Verne, gleaming white in the sunshine. The beauty and variety of Icelandic nature is everywhere. Magnificent views overlooking mountains and glaciers, fertile regions, colourful birdlife, abundant rivers and lakes, fjords and bays, along with gushing geothermal activity.



壮观的斯奈菲尔火山(Snæfellsjökull) 因儒勒•凡尔纳(Jules Verne)而闻名世界,它在阳光的照射下雪白晶莹,而它只是冰岛西部美丽风光的冰山一角。冰岛自然环境的美丽和多样性体现在各个方面。山脉和冰川、肥沃的土地、各种各样的鸟类、数不清的河流湖泊、峡湾和港湾,还有不甘寂寞的地热活动,正是这些因素形成了其宏伟壮丽的景象。

But West Iceland is more than magnificent nature. Land and history form an unbroken whole as the setting for sagas like Sturlunga, Egil’s Saga, Eyrbyggja and Laxdaela, not to mention the rich folklore and tales of adventure. Tours bring history to life as museums and historical sites abound.

Gamli vitinn-300dpi-jpg而冰岛西部不仅有壮美的自然风光。土地和历史相互交融,成为不可分割的整体。在这片土地之上,涌现着多位风云人物,如 Sturlunga 传奇、Egil 传奇、Eyrbyggja 传奇、Laxdaela 传奇,更不用说丰富多彩的民间传说和冒险故事了。博物馆和历史遗址遍布各处,让历史辉煌重现。

For the outdoor enthusiasts, there is enough to keep them busy all summer long. Horse riding tours are popular, as are hiking, fishing and golf. At the end of an active day, there are plenty of swimming pools and hot pots to relax in. Accommodation covers the complete range from sleeping bag to hotel. 对于户外爱好者来说,西部足够让他们一夏天都有得忙。骑马游、徒步、钓鱼、高尔夫都十分受欢迎。结束一天的活动后,许许多多的游泳池和热水浴池可供您放松休息。住宿Snaevar 002条件十分完善,从睡袋到酒店,应有尽有。

The mystical Breiðafjörður bay, with its countless islands is home to all kinds of sea life and tours out into the bay will visit islands covered in birds, with some offering sea fishing.

_MG_Reddy-C-Gudrunarlaug-8860无数岛屿组成的神秘布雷扎湾(Breiðafjörður), 是种类繁多的海洋生物的家园。海湾外的岛屿栖息着各种各样的鸟类。一些岛屿特别适合海钓。

The tourist information office in Borgarnes provides a wealth of helpful material.


Photos; courtesy of the West Iceland Marketing Office.


Arnarstapi, a small fishing village at the foot of Mt.Stapafell

阿尔纳斯塔皮,Stapafell 山脚下的一个小渔村