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Award-Winning Westfjords – The most famous unknown place in Iceland

备受赞誉的西峡湾区 – 冰岛最著名的冷门景区

 521518223bd20-IMG_1194-2It was for good reasons that the ‘Lonely Planet’ guide put this area in its list of the top 10 regions of the world to visit in 2011 and it won a ‘European Destination of Excellence’ (EDEN) award.

《孤独星球》指南有着充分的理由把此区域列入 2011 年世界十大游览胜地,此外西峡湾区还赢得了“欧洲优秀目的地”奖 (European Destination of Excellence, EDEN)。 51db263660504-IMG_5937

A very sparsely populated region of Iceland, it is home to the Arctic fox, a dizzying variety of birdlife and a nature that is simply breathtaking. With precipitous cliffs that plunge almost vertically to the deep blue seas below, its multitude of beautiful fjords, its hot springs, pure streams and waterfalls, it’s a place for the nature-lover to be awed by its silence and tranquility, pierced only by the birds. 51eb2b02c8e57-20130501_134052


 51c9f2508d5cf-SommarNoreg2012090Although a region easy to get to, once there, the isolation and untouched beauty is best explored by hiking, horse riding or kayaking. After a day enjoying this nature, it is always nice to relax in the hot springs, well known for their healing properties, dine in one of the numerous restaurants or cafés or to go fishing under the midnight sun or Northern Lights. The tiny, picturesque villages dotted around the fjords and the main town of Ísafjörður welcome visitors with campsites, guesthouses and hotels. There is much history here, too, worth investigating.

尽管此区很容易到达,但进入之后,徒步、骑马或皮划艇才是探索这片与世隔绝、未经开垦美丽土地的最佳方式。结束一天享受自然的旅程,在温泉里放松一下再好不过。这里的温泉以具备治疗功效而出名。然后在众多餐厅或咖啡馆中选择一家美餐一顿,或在夜半太阳或北极光的呵护下垂钓。风光如画的小村落点缀着峡区,主要城镇伊萨菲厄泽( Ísafjörður )拥有露营地、宾馆和酒店,欢迎着各方来客。这里还有更值得您去挖掘的丰富历史。

Photos; courtesy of the Westfjords Marketing Office.


Cottongrass in Dýrafjörður

Dýrafjörður 的羊胡子草

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