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Icelandic Times – Issue 2

A Piece of Everything in Akureyri

A Piece of Everything in AkureyriIf you wish to visit the countryside in Iceland while still being able to choose from a variety of activities and cultural even...

The Icelandic way of relaxing

The Icelandic way of relaxingSwimming pools in IcelandIn most other northern countries, swimming pools are just for  swimming. To relax in them is not cozy at a...

The Essential Tours with a Twist

Gray Line Iceland: The Essential Tours with a Twist Discovering exciting new locations where only a handful of people have set foot before can be exciting, but...

Icelandic Times – Issue 2

Read all articles from issue Read PDF Read PDF on Issuu Icelandic Times - Issue 2 Much has been written about Iceland in the last few months regarding the n...