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The Ultimate Tours

Grayline Iceland’s Day Trips to Magnificent Látrabjarg and the Enchanting Westman Islands When it comes to travel, part of the fun is getting there and this is especially true of Gray Line Iceland’s outstanding ‘Edge of Iceland’ tour to the Látrabja...

Wild Iceland by Rafn Sig,- islandsmyndir.is

Four beautiful photographic books by Rafn Sig- will be published on the 10th of March 2015.These four books form part of a series of eight called “Wild Iceland – The Untouched Nature”. Each book focuses on the collection of the best of the sensationa...

Puffin – The bird that has become synonymous with Iceland

Puffin – The bird that has become synonymous with IcelandPuffins are seabirds and they spend most of their time at sea. Only from the end of April can they be seen near their nesting locations on land, right before they begin to mate. Both male and f...