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Active North

Active North specializes in day tours and private tours in Northern Iceland. They are currently based in Ásbyrgi inside Vatnajökull National Park. They offer tours in various categories; horseback riding, mountain biking, super-jeep/excursions and horse carriage.

The main focus is on smaller and private groups, because the main goal is to make sure that the customers experience the magic of Iceland in comfort, at their own pace and with the people they choose.

Riding or hiking with Active North, the guides regale you with stories of ancient mythology and folklore as you pass under the strangely-shaped landscape. You might sense the elves and the Hidden People or ‘huldufólk’, living high in the cliffs, spying on you. The stories of monsters suddenly seem believable, coming to life as you pass beside the steep rock face.



Hóll 671 Kópasker

+354 858 7080

[email protected]

Open all year round



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