The Reykjanes Peninsula


Iceland in a Nutshell – Step of the plain and step into history

Arnarvatn Sveifluhals.. (2)冰岛缩影 – 踏入平原,走进历史

You could spend your whole holiday on the Reykjanes peninsula. Stand on the bridge spanning the continents. Take a thrilling ATV ride up to a moonscape of mountains, volcanos and lava fields. Bathe in the world-renowned Blue Lagoon, with its warm, healing waters. Ride the Icelandic horse. Go hiking and caving. Catch your breath—you are just beginning!

a Reykjanesi - Evropa unga folksins您可以在雷克雅内斯半岛 (Reykjanes) 度过一整个假期。站在横跨两个大陆的桥梁上;坐上刺激的 ATV(全地形汽车)爬到大山、火山和熔岩区, 一路蜿蜒崎岖;在世界著名的蓝湖里沐浴,感受那温暖、抚慰身心的温泉水;骑上冰岛马驰骋一番;徒步或者洞穴探险。喘口气儿,这才刚刚开始!

Here, some of the first pioneers set up home. You can see their ancient ruins. Their rich fishing fields just offshore still provide large catches but winter storms are so fierce they can throw ships many metres inland. Their salt fish is famous in the Mediterranean countries.

Olgeir A一些先驱者在这里安家。您仍可以看到他们生活过的痕迹。他们建起的离岸富饶的渔场仍能捕获到大量的鲜鱼,但冬季的风暴实在太强烈,能把渔船掀翻到岸上好几米。这里的咸鱼远销地中海国家,非常出名。

Here, you will find the Viking longship that sailed to America in the steps of Leif the Lucky, the first European to discover North America in the year 1000, and the museum for one of the world’s most famous polar explorers,

在这里,您能找到“幸运儿莱夫”航行到美洲使用的维京长船(他是在 公元1000 年左右第一位发现北美的欧洲人),以及为世界最著名极地探险家之一打造的博物馆。

Jean-Baptiste Chacot. Take a tour with one of the knowledge­able guides to see the area: the birdwatching sites, the ancestral Viking house, the boiling mud springs and steam vents, bubbling lakes, the cultural centres.

Sogin他就是让-巴蒂斯特•夏古(Jean-Baptiste Chacot)。在知识渊博的导游带领下游览这片区域:观鸟景点、古老的维京房屋、沸腾的泥泉和蒸汽喷口、冒着小汽泡的湖水以及各个文化中心。

Enjoy a stay in one of the hotels, guesthouses or camp sites and eat delicious meals in a wide variety of restaurants, pubs and cafés. This is the Land of the Vikings!



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The Blue Lagoon