DIVE.IS – 5 star PADI Dive Center Iceland

DIVE.IS– 5 star PADI Dive Center Icealnd is Iceland’s first and leading Dive Center and has had the pleasure of taking scuba divers and snorkelers from all over the world to some of Iceland’s and our planet´s most unique and amazing dive and snorkel sites for over 17 years. If you are a certified scuba diver, it is a MUST to dive into the crystal clear water of the Silfra rift between the continental plates on your stay in Iceland. Well, if you are not a certified diver you can always enjoy this amazing tour as a snorkeler.

Iceland is full of interesting dive sites, please feel free to have a look at other dive- and snorkel tours on our website.

Tour: Departure: Duration:
Diving Silfra Day Tour Year round 6-8 hrs.
Snorkeling Silfra Day Tour Year round 4-6 hrs.
Silfra & Golden Circle Tour Year round 8-10 hrs.
Silfra & Lava Caving Combo Year round 7-8 hrs.
Ocean Diver Tour Year round 6-8 hrs.
Geothermal Hot Spring Dive Year round 4-6 hrs.
Open Water Diver Courses Year round 4 days
Multiple Day Tours Year round  
Multiple day tours and tailor made tours for individuals and groups. All necceessary gear is included. 
Everybody can snorkel – Divers need to have Divers liecense.

Enjoy you time in Iceland!

Hólmaslóð 2 101 Reykjavík


[email protected]


Open all year round.



  • Best of Iceland

    Best of Iceland
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