LA Art Museum (Listasafn Arnesinga) in Hveragerði hosts four to five abitious exhibitions every year. The museum is open all year round.

LÁ Art Museum (Listasafn Árnesinga) welcomes you. It runs ambitious and various shows of contemporary as well as modern art in its four spacious exhibitions rooms. The exhibitions reflect our cultural heritage and our contemporary change.

The bright seating area offers visitors the chance to relax in a peaceful setting whilst browsing through art related reading material supplied. The Museum also houses a small café and the children´s corner gives the museum´s younger visitors a chance to enjoy themselves.

The Museum is owned by the eight Municipalities in Árnesinga County and supported by the Museum Council of Iceland. 

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Opening hours
 Week days:
 Saturdays:  Sundays:
 May 1st – September 30th:  12:00-18:00  12:00-18:00  12:00-18:00
 October 1st – April 30th:  Thu.-Sun.: 12:00-18:00  12:00-18:00  12:00-18:00
 Closed for one month during Christmas and New year.


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Austurmörk 21 810 Hveragerði


[email protected]


Open all year round.



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